Lie, Cheat and Steal: 10 Best Sites for Video Game Tips, Tricks, Hints and Codes

Video games are fun, but if you find yourself in a pinch, you may want a cheat or walk-thru to get you to the next level without the guessing games. Look to these video game blogs and websites for tips on video game tips, tricks, hints and codes, the next time you settle into your Lazy Boy for a few hours of gaming.

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    1. About Video Game Cheats Lose yourself in the world of gaming with the cheats provided at this About blog. You’ll find codes and cheats for almost every game you can think of and if you’re a fan of the mainstream games, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

    2. Video Game Cheats Blog This blog regularly updates and has cheats and codes for all of the hottest video games, plus occasional reviews to help you decide whether a game is worth it’s hefty price tag.

    3. Cheat Beast What we love about this blog is the fact that is neatly organizes cheats and codes by game and by console. There’s also a plentiful supply of hints and codes for PC games, if you’re into RPGs.

    4. Cheat Codes for Games This gaming blog is constantly updated with new cheats, so if a new one is discovered, you’ll hear about it here first. The codes for games are also nicely organized on the side panel, so you can click the game you’re interested in and go.

    5. Cheat Game Blog This site packs in cheats and codes for every console, but places special emphasis on the tricks for PS3s. It also provides you with the system requirements for various games to ensure you cheating runs smoothly.

    6. Gamers School At this blog you’ll find tips and hints for nearly every game you can think of, from the gruesome games aimed at adults to the games causing a stir among 7 year olds. The site is organized, making it easy to track down the cheats you’re after.

    7. Cheat Masters This gaming blog gives you the skinny on video game previews, cheats and codes that will be surfacing the minute the game is released. We aren’t sure how they gather data at lightening speed, but we’re glad they do!

    8. Video Games Blogger The cheats at this blog are ridiculously easy to follow thanks to the step-by-step how-tos posted on a daily basis. The blog also gives you previews of new games that have yet to be released.

    9. Next Gen Walkthroughs Bypass the boring stuff by checking out the walkthroughs at this gaming site. There’s also an active forum, so if you run into trouble with a trick or cheat, you have a knowledgeable audience that are eager to answer your questions.

    10. Cheat Codes This is arguably the best site for cheats. It has a complete list of cheats and hints for all of the major games, plus cheats for games on the iPad and Facebook.

Playing video games is fun, but when you have the tricks of the trade to help you, you’ll enjoy gaming even more. Check out video game blogs and websites for help when you’re stumped or when you just feel like bypassing a level and finding a hidden area of a game. Don’t worry; we won’t tell!