Computer Game Design

Computer Game Design was created in 2010 by Marcus Morris. After searching for endless hours trying to find a program that would fit my personal needs, I created this site to help others. These days it’s hard to find someone who does not like video or computer games, so what could be more fun than actually designing these games? I have been in the computer game industry for a while, and I cannot imagine doing anything else! I am passionate about staying on top of this cutting edge industry, so check back for the latest and greatest educational outlets to advance your career.

Computer Game Design Blog

Computer and video games are the wave of the future, and every day there are more and more articles published on this hot topic. In order to keep my visitors up to date, I have created a blog that provides the most recent happenings in the computer game design world. Please visit any time, and email me if you think you have an interesting article or submission to contribute!

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I am dedicated to responding to all of my emails, so please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is Contact<*@*>computergamedesign*dot* org.